BeamNG Drive 2

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4.3 stars

Most modern car simulators and racing games focus on the graphic component and make the game visually good, but pay little attention to a realistic damage model. Well, that’s just not the case with BeamNG Drive 2! It offers you quite a different kind of experience that you probably haven’t come across before yet. The emulation of vehicles and collisions in this game is so similar to real life that it’s mind-blowing. You can arrange a crash test of any car, the results will be strikingly alike to an actual one if you were to run it. The gameplay implements realistic car physics, which looks as if you were watching a video of something that’s really happening. And even more, you get to participate in it. You feel the weight and inertia of the car, you can feel the difference between various types of transport (bus, truck, regular cars) and it makes the whole stuff unfolding on the screen so much more fascinating and believable. This is not the thing you would see in most racing games.

The damage on each car extends deeply to every node and spar in the model. We guarantee that you’re not going to come across two identical crashes. In most simulators of the sort created these days, a vehicle smashing into a wall at full speed and flying away from it continues to move on as if nothing had happened, with a maximum of a few dents and scratches. But not here. This is one of the few games in which physics comes first, and graphics come second, and there is no plot at all.
BeamNG Drive 2 is tremendously exciting and it gives you the opportunity to easily extract a lot of full-blown experience from whatever you’re up to. You are sure to enjoy and memorize every second of your driving adventure!

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