BeamNG Drive Unblocked

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There is a great number of racing games and car simulators, but they all have flaws. Sometimes you just wish there could be a way to take all the good parts and combine them into one perfect new game. And it seems such a game is already there! It’s called BeamNG Drive and you should definitely check it out if you are into that sort of stuff. This is a quite unusual driving experience because, aside from the pleasant-looking graphics, the engine calculates realistic damage. The cars are broken and smashed just the way they should. You’ve never seen a damage system like this! And it’s even more amazing to enjoy it playing BeamNG Drive Unblocked!

Here you are going to drive all different sorts of cars and test them out in unique accidents. In core, this project is a crush test simulator with unimaginable possibilities. Fascinating atmosphere, a huge number of beautiful sceneries, an immense open world that you can move around to your own pleasure, realistic surroundings and high level of texture detailing will allow you to feel right in the middle of the action. You won’t have time to get bored because the game sets plenty of tasks before you and you’ll have to spend plenty of time to solve them.

BeamNG Drive has no plot, you don’t have to follow a campaign or anything. But there are several modes for you to experience. The first one is a typical survival race with reaching checkpoints. There are also vehicle trials and crush tests. You’re going to set up accidents and analyze the consequences. Speaking of those, the game will strike you with realistic physics. The car injuries are fully in line with those you would see in reality. The hoods are bent, the vehicles themselves capsize from strong hits, spare parts are falling off and protrude into the cabin… This is really something you need to observe!

Talking about the choice of cars, it’s tremendous. There are trucks and common pickups, sedans and hatchbacks, buses and cool sports cars. After you select a vehicle, you can pick the route, hindrances and obstacles and even the time of the day your ride will take place at. In other words, you’ll be modeling your own accident, isn’t that just thrilling? BeamNG Drive Unblocked also features a multiplayer allowing you to enjoy the racing and crush tests together with your friends or simply random players. All you need to do is just launch the game online on our site and savor that amazing experience!

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