BeamNG Drive 2020

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4.6 stars

A great engine, the best crash test – this is how avid players characterize BeamNG Drive 2020. Indeed, this car racing simulator amazes us with realism, graphics and 3D effects. The first thing developers focused on is the plausibility of damage. From collisions with stones, trees, cars turn into scrap. Bumper, hood, doors – it all flies off them. This was achieved this effect thanks to the Torgue 3D engine. As a result, we have perfect physics of soft bodies and an absolutely unique animation.

The player will be able to test both expensive and modern supercars, as well as trucks and tractors on a wide variety of routes – from desert to mountain serpentine. It is possible to simply observe the fall of the model from the mountain and its gradual destruction. The controls are also realistic, so the car will sometimes be driven in corners if the road is covered with ice or the asphalt is wet. Yes, the game provides weather conditions: snow, rain, sometimes hail.

Controls are possible both in third-person mode and in the cab of the car, the view from which is simply excellent. Moreover, the driver and passenger seats are beautifully detailed. Your iron horse is sensitive to road bumps – it shakes and sometimes even turns over. Flaws in the road, sharp barriers – all this can completely destroy the supercar. Accidents can be observed from various angles – cameras and special modes are provided that allow you to stop the moment and capture a spectacular screenshot.

The simulator offers both computer competition (you can connect bots) on the tracks and cars chosen by the player, as well as single trials. There is the possibility of a simple check in to see the damage. Standard locations are easily replaced by fantastic and unusual ones, since a lot of mods have been invented. But there are also “built-in” places to diversify with the help of various parameters and conditions: time, weather, track.

BeamNG Drive is a game that’s constantly evolving. Developers are considering adding submarines, planes, helicopters, tanks, and even mannequins. And craftsmen are already making new maps, cars and add-ons, preparing even more twists to this magnificent simulator. There is already plenty of new content to check out BeamNG Drive 2020. You’re going to be completely thrilled by the amazing features it has in store for you. Why don’t you hit the road right now and find out what’s out there?

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