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4.7 stars

Ever wondered what it’s like to break a car? Of course, this isn’t a luxury we can afford in real life. But in BeamNG Drive it’s quite possible! And not only possible, but also extremely spectacular and fascinating. You can ride into a great number of obstacles and see your vehicle smashed in all existing ways. Or can speed off from a height and watch it fall and tumble until it hits the ground with a riveting explosion. The scenarios are multiple and you can experiment with your crush tests any way you want. Curious to check the thing out? Then plunge right into the action!

The game offers an impressive selection of cars, all designed very realistically. You can choose common models, racing cars, jeeps, buses and trucks. Every one of them have different feel and inertia that you can experience while driving them. The view can be switched from first to third person. Inside the vehicle, you can see all the controls that are neatly integrated into the gameplay. It’s not like in most other games that aren’t so lifelike – BeamNG Drive cars actually respond to the slightest changes in your driving. Whenever you turn the wheel just a bit, the transport changes its route and behavior. And if there are any damages, they will affect the movement of the car as well. All this allows you to fully immerse yourself into what’s happening and getting the most close to life experience.

The special effects are also stunning. You will see cracks on your windows and splinters scattered all over your control panel. You will hear the sound of screeching wheels, faulting engine and broken glass. You will see smoke coming up from your transport and it’s almost like you can feel the smell. The emulation is so perfect that you start doubting whether you’re playing or watching a movie where real cars are broken. Summing up, BeamNG Drive is an astonishing car crash simulator that you definitely need to check out if you’re looking to get some extra adrenaline from racing games. See your car spin out of the road, bump into a hindrance and get smashed up to the point when it’s just a pile of metal!

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