BeamNG Drive Mobile

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There is a whole crowd of online gamers thrilled with cars. If you’re one of them, here is a game you’ll surely want to check out. It’s some kind of a car crash test only more fun. And it’s quite suggestively called Beamng Drive mobile. The game is surely versatile and interesting. Here you can break the car into anything and the details of these injuries hit the most unusual accidents and ways to crash your vehicle. Excellent graphics and customizable settings add more flavor to the gameplay. You can configure the track, choose a transport, even build your own obstacle course. The world around is so bright and elaborate it is nice to look around. But you only have one goal – to speed the thing you’re driving into something by any means. You can choose from sports cars, vans, trucks, hatchbacks, sedans and so on. Just drive it beautifully and enjoy your ride until you see a perfect opportunity to shatter your car as fun as possible.

The locations are brilliant, with all kinds of ski hills and the like. You can change the direction of the onboard camera to put various obstacles right in front of the vehicle. The possibilities are almost endless and the ways to smash a wheelbarrow out of the car are hilarious. If the car is broken beyond repair, you can always start from the beginning. There is a choice between a manual box or an automatic machine, so you can select the very driving mode that’s most convenient for you.

You can even drive under water but not for long otherwise the engine will stall. The same happens if the car is stuck in the sand and you have to start from the beginning. Oddly enough, there is no pilot and the wheel is spinning on its own, it makes the game even wackier – in a good sense. Another option is to configure the charts to be displayed on the screen monitoring overload strikes, damage and all that. If the race takes place at night, you can turn on the distant near emergency lights. Where else can you meet a great game like that with such features? There are certainly not many of those, but this one is pulled off at a good level. And it’s worth giving a shot! Play Beamng Drive mobile online and break down that car with disastrous elegance or off-the-rocker nonchalance!

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