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Needless to say that BeamNG Drive is one of the most realistic, exciting and crazy racing simulators out there. Getting into an accident has never been so much fun before we discovered this riveting game! It’s stunning how realistically each detail is implemented. You can feel the slightest moves of the car, control it with a sense that you’re actually sitting behind the wheel. And the effects of collisions are just marvelous! You can even hear the sounds of various strokes and glass cracking which adds a lot of atmosphere. There are all kinds of damage your vehicle can take before it breaks down completely. For instance, the engine can be filled with oil or corrupted. There is a very high probability of breaking through the radiator, after which steam immediately comes from under the hood. After a major collision, the car has a great chance to catch fire. Flames will gradually spread throughout the vehicle until the entire vehicle lights up. Is it any wonder people want to share all this amazing experience with there friends?

The creators of BeamNG Drive have long promised to add local multiplayer, and yes, they did! Though a little not in the form in which we expected. A few derby scenarios were added, where you have to remain the only of four players. There are no bots, so you should look for a company of real people, and if you can’t get the right number, you can use the streaming service from NVIDIA, which is very useful here. The fights themselves are quite interesting, because one hit is enough to smudge a car against a wall. Right now it’s more like random skirmishes on the road (and off it), but in the nearest future we’re probably looking at a full-fledged multiplayer with world’s championships and some serious rating system!

But wait, there is more to it! The mechanics of interaction with the environment has also undergone some changes. A nice innovation was the addition of a tool to capture various items, including cars. There are many points on the object, and you can interact with each of them – pull, raise and perform all other sorts of manipulations. Thanks to this, it is possible to create even more spectacular accidents: put on a time dilation and raise a car by the side, for instance. Or throw a boulder at it from a great height and enjoy the sight. Just imagine how fun it will be to participate in something as thrilling as this in a good company! Check out BeamNG Drive multiplayer and have a great time racing with your pals!

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