BeamNG Drive 2018

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With every new version, our favorite racing simulator becomes more and more amazing! This is also true for BeamNG Drive 2018. The first and most important innovation is the addition of Scripts. This is a pre-laid route that you must drive the fastest. Although you should yet try to overcome it with such physics at all… It would seem to be something we’ve already seen dozens of times. Common riding at control points, but no. Each user can create their own script, and not only based on the finished location, but also on their own road. Thanks to the built-in level editor, you can add absolutely any objects to the game map, arrange them in random order, set the behavior model of the “NPC transport” (pursuer or fugitive).

Scenarios, by the way, are quite diverse. There are simple races, but also chases, various trials and more. All of this is divided into complexity (Low, Medium and Complex). The technical part has undergone huge changes as well. Now your car doesn’t crush in different directions like a sausage. Everything is soft and clear. The suspension in recent updates has been fixed, the wheels have stopped breaking over trifles, and the axle has become stronger, without running wild on each pebble. You definitely won’t be bored!

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