BeamNG Drive 2019

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Getting your driver’s license comes with all sorts of conditions and responsibilities. You have to follow the traffic rules, cut back on your alcohol and at the very least know how to deal with your car so that you don’t end up bumping into the nearest road post. Because otherwise there will be tons of repair, expenditures and potentially health risks. It’s time to relax and forget about all the worries! In fact, in Beamng Drive 2019 you’re welcome to turn your car into a pile of steaming lumber! This is the whole point of the game that will take you on a ride through the most beautiful, elaborate and hindrance-packed maps where you don’t have to be afraid of riding into an obstacle but rather look forward to it!

At your choice there is a huge variety of tracks, each with its own characteristics. By the way, you can adjust all the details yourself by choosing the landscape and obstacles. You can also edit your transport before you hit the road. You can change everything from color to individual parts. After all, cars with different configurations behave completely differently on the road. Some accelerate faster, others are more stable. Decide for yourself which features you like best.

Having decided on all the nuances and completing the preparation, it’s time to test your car in action! Drive out there and rush forward at full speed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spacious highway or bumpy hills – in this game you can experience the full range of extreme emotions, putting your vehicle at risk every second. You can smash everything to the last component. However, if you don’t calculate your strength and immediately ruin the car, you’ll have to start all over again. But don’t worry, it will be just as hilarious as before!

In Beamng Drive 2019 there is no specific plot, any tasks and competitions. Here you can relax and just have fun to the fullest, surrendering to the power of adrenaline and traffic lawlessness. You don’t need to think about turning the steering wheel in time or slowing down to avoid an accident – the more damage you do to your transport the better. No rules, just free driving and incredible stunts. After you play Beamng Drive 2019, you won’t take any races and trials so nervously anymore. After all, you will know that a bursting tire or a fallen off hood is a trifle! And even after a serious collision, you can continue your journey as if nothing had happened, with a great deal of emotions and fun!

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